At Torrey Highlands Optometry, we aim to fulfill your visual needs and offer personalized guidance through a wide range of services. We hope to build lasting relationships with you and your family.

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Comprehensive annual eye exams are essential to improving your vision and detecting, preventing and treating any eye diseases. Not only can these exams unveil information about your general health but they can also save your vision from eye diseases such as glaucoma, which don’t have any warning signs. We also monitor systemic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension as they can affect your ocular health and eventually your vision. In this visually demanding world, it is crucial to have a well functioning binocular vision system including smooth tracking abilities, accurate focusing, eye teaming, and depth perception. These skills are especially necessary for success in children and often go unnoticed, preventing kids from achieving in school.

Binocular Vision Evaluations

Binocular vision evaluations help with improving visual performance in school, work, sports, and your favorite hobbies. It is important to detect any visual problems that hinder your child from performing his/her best in school. These problems do not disappear unless addressed. In fact, they can even affect adults at work. Clear comfortable vision is a must as we are faced with visual tasks throughout the day. Here are some symptoms that can affect your daily life

  • Blur at near

  • Double vision

  • Headaches

  • Avoiding near work/ reading

  • Fatigue with reading

  • Poor comprehension

  • Skipping or repeating lines when reading

  • Omitting small words when reading

  • Words swimming on the page

Contact Lens Services

We find contact lenses to be a useful tool for bringing your vision into focus whether you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Contact lenses are a great option for those with active lifestyles or simply for part-time wearers who enjoy taking a break from glasses.

At Torrey Highlands Optometry we fit soft lenses and gas permeable lenses. For high astigmatism, keratoconus or other corneal conditions, we use more customized and specialized contacts such as scleral and hybrid lenses.


Our eyewear gallery offers a wide range of styles from independent and popular designers from around the world. Not only will we offer recommendations for style, but also function. Our staff will provide you with their expertise and great sense of style.